CoroCoro Update - little else, really

clockgeniusA few days ago we broke the story of Clock Genius announced as the winner of the Rockman boss character contest held in CoroCoro. However, the image that accompanied the news was small and a little hard to make out. However, we've now gotten word from MMN viewer Fireman, who picked up the issue himself! And... there really isn't too much to add. Only the Clock Genius entry was shown, not the completed official artwork by Capcom. Furthermore, Clock was merely relegated to a small part of the page, the rest of the page covered Ryuusei no Rockman 3 news (which may answer the wonderment some had with what looked like Rockman appearing in the BG). According to Fireman, in fact, there's nothing in this issue that would even indicate next month's issue will have any information on a new Rockman game, but of course that doesn't mean it won't. Incidentally, if you were someone who applied to the contest, I may have some bad news for you (unless you're Japanese). Only one USA entrant made it as a runner up, and may be the only foreign entrant to place. The lucky guy is one Lou Smith. Unfortunately they didn't show pictures of any of the runner ups, so I don't know what the entry was. But if you're reading this, Lou, major congrats to you. You may win a minor prize.