Ariga's April Fools' gag

Manga artist and devout Rockman otaku Hitoshi Ariga has been working on a new Rockman Megamix, as we know. However, it is (or was, rather) also April Fools' Day in Japan. So to stay in the spirit of the day, Ariga wrote up this very unfortunate news concerning the new Rockman Megamix: For starters, the new Rockman Megamix will not be releasing on May of this year. It will not be in A5 large comic format, and the volume will certainly not entail roughly 300 pages.

Furthermore, there will not be a postscript manga at the end of each volume, the "Rockman Development Secrets" will not be included with the book, and no revisions and corrections will be made of the original version.

Very unfortunate news indeed.