RnROCW: The look you've been waiting for

Ryuusei no Rockman Official Complete Works is out. People are buying it. And if you've been wanting to check out what the book holds, we've got some exclusive photos of the contents to show you. The book is pretty standard as far as the Official Complete Works series goes. It may be understandable why, when the book was first announced, it was tentatively named Ryuusei no Rockman 3 Official Complete Works - pretty much the first two thirds of the book are dedicated to that one title. Numerous pages are devoted to not just showing artwork, but slices of various levels of detail of that artwork. There's also plenty of unused stuff, such as Pirate and Angel Tribe forms.

But, you're probably just impatient for the goods. Below are 12 photographs from the book. Don't want to get too in depth for people planning on buying the book, and since Star Force 3 still isn't out yet, but I managed to still get some pretty cool contents. Enjoy!