Frost Man's Stage Theme - Beta Version

If you've played Mega Man 8, then you're probably only too familiar with the theme music from Frost Man's stage... particularly if you weren't very good at the infamous "Jump! Jump! Slide! Slide!" snowboarding section. However, were you aware that in the early goings of the game's development, a different theme was used? It was released in some early promotional videos, back when the internet was incredibly slow and some magazines, such as Next Generation, would pack in CD-ROM discs which gave brief clips of titles yet to come.

And that's where this snippet comes from:

Want to hear more? Then check Protodude's post about it, which features a lengthier clip as a part of a "25 Great Mega Man Songs No One Heard" video list, and a sampling of the final version.

With that done, which version do you prefer?