Tatsunoko vs. Capcom vs. America: It's Not Over Yet!

For those of you still holding your breath for Capcom to release its arcade/Wii fighter Tatsunoko vs. Capcom here in the West... good lord! You should get to a hospital, pronto! But before you go, you should probably know that your oxygen-refuting efforts have not been in vain; during a recent interview, Capcom's Vice President of Business Development and Strategic Planning, Christian Svensson, provided an update which lets us know that they are still working on it:

"We are still actively working on having that happen. I can't say it's happening definitively. I couldn't give you a time frame, but as badly as the fans want it, we want to bring it." -- Christian Svensson, to VideoGamer.com

He adds that licensing and resource issues are considerable obstacles in the plight to bring the game Stateside, with the issue of licensing Tatsunoko rights outside of Japan being a difficult process. In addition, the team who made the game has moved on to new projects, which makes localizing the game a more daunting task than usual.

Nonetheless, Svensson offers hope. "Do not rule it out. That is all I can say right now."

News Credit: VideoGamer.com, via Kombo