Ariga plans "Rockman Development Secrets" in next Megamix

Hitoshi Ariga, creator of the Rockman Megamix manga series, recently updated his blog, apologizing over not talking about the new Megamix in the works for a while and announcing a feature he intends to include. It is a special digest called "Rockman Development Secrets - The Men who Created Rockman-" which will presumably reveal information about Rockman's development. Ariga states he's wanted to make a separate book along these lines for as long as 15 years ago, but due to various circumstances he is only able to now publish the information like this. Additionally Ariga plans to make a bonus comic, "Secrets of the Rockman Development Secrets -The Man who Depicts the Men who Created Rockman-" which seems to be a fictionalized account of working with Inafune and Rockman's other developers. Naturally Ariga is very excited, and hopes to bring more info sooner than later. It should all be pretty interesting.

News Credit: Rock Miyabi