Mega Man Has Got the Edge

Or rather, Edge Magazine has got Mega Man... X, that is. To celebrate 200 issues, Next Generation magazine successor Edge is doing something unprecedented: Releasing 200 covers for its commemorative issue to celebrate. And to look at all the covers is like looking at a who's who of video gaming, with one iconic image after another.

And among them is none other than a pixel-art version of Mega Man... X. Which is rather strange, since it's the pixel-art version of the original Mega Man which is regarded as being iconic. Nonetheless, it's great that at least one iteration of the Blue Bomber was selected to grace one of the covers.

Of course, we could sit here and say something about how there were better images to use, or wonder why four characters from Final Fantasy VI each get a cover to themselves (or even just the Stalfos Knight from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time) in the place of other characters, or even debate over just which Mega Man they opted to go with, but we won't. Instead, we (or at least I) will be glad that Mega Man was not forgotten for this occasion.

That said, not including the possibility of the X cover, which ones are your favorites? Tell us in the comments below. If going one at a time in the above link is too much for you, there's something of a patchwork quilt-like combination you can scroll over here at Kotaku.

Personally speaking, I'm partial to the variety of Mario covers.

News Credit: Kombo, Edge Online, Kotaku