Mega Man 2, as Told by The Adventures of Duane & BrandO

The Hip-Hop/Experimental musical duo of Duane & BrandO have applied their own brand of lyrics to several classic NES tunes, including songs from Super Mario Bros., Final Fantasy, Double Dragon, Battletoads, The Legend of Zelda, and the SEGA Genesis classic Sonic the Hedgehog. And while you can hear samples of these songs on their MySpace account here, it's on YouTube that you'll find their video for the title which caught our interest, Mega Man 2. Mind, there is some explicit words and lyrics in here, so you probably don't want to listen to this if you're at work or if you don't want your parents taking a pair of hedge clippers to the back of your PC setup. So watch with caution.

Interesting graphics on the close-ups, they remind me of that sort of blurry-splotchy technique used on Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection. Or the art for Mega Man 4 in Nintendo Power.

And for the record, I have no idea why Proto Man or Rush are included so prominently in a video for Mega Man 2. Maybe because They're the only two subsequent elements of the series which are as iconic outside of the fandom as Mega Man 2 itself? Only a guess.

I should add, my favorite lyric is "After I take you, I'll rip outchya brain; they won't even remember your name (c'mon)!" But I think the main reason I like that is, after the Classic series... well, does anyone ever remember Wily's name again?