Yet another call out for Legends 3

More petitioning to Capcom for Mega Man Legends 3, this time coming from gaming blog Scrawl, where one Sal feels Capcom should be focusing on the sought after continuation instead of other franchise sequels like the recently announced Dead Rising 2 and Lost Planet 2. I don't know if I can exactly agree there, since both Dead Rising and Lost Planet probably sold better than Legends did back in the day. But I do agree that we are in a climate that is ready for Legends 3, and the time is right to bring it out. I also agree with the argument on Legends 2's ending, which is by far the biggest unanswered cliffhanger in all of Mega Man (sorry X8 fans). Needless to say, how much more crying out for Legends 3 is it gonna take for Capcom to relent?