So, Just How Much Do You Like Roll Caskett?

This would be a picture perfect example of being careful of what you wish for. Or, at least, how you wish for it. I've been clear before that I hope Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop for the Wii would have a Mega Man costume, just as the Xbox 360 version did. Unfortunately, if this rumor holds true, then it seems that I should have been a little bit more specific:

The above image is said to have come from the 2chan board, but has not officially been revealed. For good reason, undoubtedly. But since the game shipped this week, I doubt it will be very long before we know for sure.

But if it is true, all I can say is: Do not want.

The only thing which might be worse than grizzled war photographer Frank West's hairy body filling out Roll Caskett's short shorts is if there was a Tron costume. *shudder*

Still, that Data doll is something else entirely. Pity you can't take that and leave the rest behind.

Update: A posting at COCOROG seems to add credence to the image's authenticity, along with some joking that this is a sign for Mega Man Legends 3.

News credit: Protodude's Rockman Corner