So, Just How Much Do You Like Ciel?

Recently uncovered in a Yahoo! Auction is an ultra-rare piece of merchandise in the form of a Rockman/Mega Man Zero telephone card. It features an original picture of Ciel by series artist Toru Nakayama that you are probably not going to find anywhere else (and if you do, for the Master's sake, share with us!), and only 200 were made and distributed at Capcom's Yamagawa festival. No word on if there were other designs available. The price then? ¥10,000. No word on how many minutes that came with.

Now, the seller is apparently willing to part with this ultra-rare piece of merchandise, but the cost is dear. Very dear. How dear?

¥98,000. Or $1,088.00 US dollars. Ouch. And for the heck of it, I decided to see what it would be in Canuck-bucks: $1,351.57. Yikes.

It's things like this that can make you take pause, look at your pile of Mega Man/Rockman merchandise, and ask "What am I collecting foooooooorrrr???"

Finally, I have to know: Who here is going to go for it? Don't be afraid to share, as I don't think you'll face much competition. Or just tell us after the auction is over, if you wish.

News Credit: Protodude's Rockman Corner