Capcom considers more DS titles

As reported by Siliconera, Capcom's Q&A conference call for the third quarter of the fiscal year reveals the company is considering more DS titles besides the Ace Attorney game currently in the works. I was a little surprised to realize that, despite the great success of the DS, Capcom only released a few DS titles in 2008. Others may be pleased to know that Capcom is looking into releasing the Wii title Monster Hunter 3, provided North American and European markets show enough interest.

As Mega Man already has a fairly good showing on the DS, and we're pretty certain Capcom has a new Mega Man game in the works, it goes without saying we'll likely see a new Mega Man title on the DS this year. Nevertheless, information has been pretty sparse besides the occasional rumor, so all we can continue to do is wait.

News Credit: GoNintendo