Call for Coro Coro Entries and a Fan Art Reminder

Just a reminder, because I keep getting emails about it. You get a fanart gallery throught the FORUM. Thus, I want people to PM me on the forums when they have a user name, so it is easier on me, and doesn't clog my inbox. So stop emailing me. Email is for WGA only now. I've opened up a contest section on the TMMN galleries now. The first section? Coro Coro Boss Contest 2009. So I'm asking for entries that you've done. Even if you didn't have the money, and didn't ship them off to Tokyo, I'd still like to post them.

Please include your name, your character's name, and which Rockman series your boss belongs to, and then fling the whole thing my way either by PMing me on the forums, or by tossing me an email at thetabbers at

We'd love to see your entries! Mine looks too lonely in the section all by itself.