Rockman.EXE Beta Footage Unearthed

Earlier today, Heat Man wrote an article which gave us a look back at the original Rockman.EXE game when it was in its earliest stages, which turned out to be quite different from what we've ultimately come to know as Mega Man Battle Network (unless of course, you were one of those who imported all the titles). By remarkable coincidence (or through inspiration?), Protodude (thanks to SuperMega233) has discovered the following "unseen Rockman.EXE beta footage," which, while seemingly not quite as old, is quite interesting to behold now all the same:

He notes that the footage came from the promotional VHS tape "Capcom Friendly Club Vol.15," which contained a number of old Tokyo Game Show trailers. An HD version of the upload is in the works so that more distinctions can be made between this and the final product, but so far Protodude notes:

-Odd PET icon, "jumps" when Netto receives mail/call. -Unused "matrix" scrolling background in battles -Unused "matrix" scrolling background in school computer -Alternate dialogue in School Sequence -Peculiar Battle Chip above Rock's head, removed? -Unused Internet background -Alternate sound effects in battle, buster shots

Can you find any more differences?

News credit: Protodude's Rockman Corner