Blaster Masters

So you believe you're quite familiar with a specific game, you feel as if you KNOW all the ins and outs of it, but then just like that, you see something that is there that you have never witnessed before and it completely FLOORS you. Those was pretty much my thoughts as I watched qzecwx play through Mega Man X2 methodically while performing feats and exploiting glitches that I've never thought possible.

If the name sounds familiar, it's because we've already made an article on one of qzecwx's videos in which he fought and defeated all 8 Robot Masters of Mega Man 2 at once. Since then he's done a number of playthroughs of Mega Man Hacks such as Rockman Exile, Rockman 3 Alpha, (also has a nack for finding in development hacks like Rockman Mind Roar) and just recently he's moved onto the SNES Mega Man X games. As if now he's just finished X2 with the intent of starting X3 in the near future. Many of you know that X3 is my all time favourite Mega Man game, and I for one am looking forward to seeing how this will turn out.

Alongside qzecwx, there's also thebeatlespwnj00 who is famous for his Mega Man Mastered perfect buster only runs, ACESpark and his many Let's Play Mega Man __ runs and many, many more. Hell even your own MMN Geohound has done a series of Reset like Retrospectives.

All in all if you're someone who's wanted to see some truly skilled players take cracks at well known games, or always wanted to check out some of the famous fan hacks like Rockman no Constancy in action, I highly suggest checking these guys out. Like me you're bound to learn alot of things in the proccess.

~Ryudo, who was brought to tears too many times playing Rock n Maxx