YouTube User Turns Up Ancient DASH Promo Treasures

How funny it is that so soon after posting a variety of Mega Man Legends/Rockman DASH commercials, Protodude should come across this?

As he describes it:

In 1997, V Jump magazine distributed an exclusive VHS previewing seven upcoming games. Rockman DASH was one of the main featurettes, giving viewers a three minute preview of what to expect. The footage on the tape dates back to the beta build of the game, so what you see here differs superficially from the final (get a load at the Ruins at 1:51. I don't remember that ever being in the final)

In addition, here's another promo video from the YouTube user, miyakai314's account:

You can find much more Legends-related strangeness here.

News Credit: Protodude's Rockman Corner