Mega Man 9 Collectible Press Kit Update

It seems like it has been forever since Capcom initially opened its doors for a very quick sellout of their Mega Man 9 collectible promotional press kits. However, in spite of a lengthy wait, there are still those who are without, wondering what happened to their investment. Fortunately, there is good news from the man behind Capcom's online store, Djay:

"Good news! We finally got more Mega Man 9 Press Kits. We still don't have enough to fill the remaining backorders but a good chunk will be shipping out to you in about a week. If all goes well we anticipate completing all backorders within a month.

Thank you all for being so patient. Some of you may need to wait a little longer but we are doing our best to make certain that everyone who got an order confirmation gets a press kit.

Your enthusiasm for this item was overwhelming and will ensure that we continue to dream up crazy ways of showing how much we appreciate the loyalty of our fans."

Glad to know that they've kept on top of things; may all those who have been eagerly awaiting their prize receive them soon.

News Credit: Djay at Capcom*Unity, via Protodude's Rockman Corner