Fanmade "Magazine Ads" for Mega Man 9

I discovered from Snow at the Capcom*Unity that there's this... meme, for lack of a better term, going around with people creating their own magazine ads for Mega Man 9. And like any good ad, many are funny and manage to get the point of the game across through simple imagery. Check it out:

So far, he and I share the same favorite, but he's posted a few others which he likes at the link above.

Upon researching further, I've learned from our affiliate Protodude's Rockman Corner that the actual origin of these is part of a more all-encompassing thread at NeoGAF, where they will be doing this for different games for a given period. In the case of Mega Man 9, their first pick, the entries will end tomorrow, January 22nd.

So go check out the fruits of their labor, if you dare-- and I mean that literally, as the thread contains more vulgar language and suggestive imagery than you'll find in these parts.