WGA and Fan Art Galleries

Okay, so it's time to talk about MMN's fan art galleries. I'm proud to say the galleries are restored, and now WGA and Fan Art galleries can start again! WGA is acutally going to be the same. You can submit your images through my email, the forums and what not. The fan art has a new thing. The coppermine is acutally connected with the forums. So in order to have an account, you have to be signed up for the forums, and I have to give you special permission to post on the gallery. No more emailing, I want it all to be done via the forums.

If you want more rules on what I ask for, and submission guidelines, they're up there on the bar under the submissions page.

...Now for the bad news. The old gallery is lost. We have to start again from scratch. Now now, put down those pitchforks and torches! Think of it as a nice slate wiped clean. If you had art you didn't like in the gallery, now it's gone! ...This isn't helping is it?

We're sorry we couldn't save it, but with this new system, we couldn't. Sorry again! But let's work on filling up that new fanart area eh?