Legendary Rockman (and Mega Man) Commercials

Since Heat Man decided to take us on a trip back in time with the commercials for the original Rockman games in Japan, I did want to say (as I often do whenever the opportunity affords itself) that there is a single Mega Man advertisement which I think did a very good, if not excellent job. Behold:

If only Mega Man Legends 2 had received the same treatment-- maybe more people would have checked it out. I think it definitely shows off the game itself well and in an exciting way, with a nice bit of hyperbole to get viewers excited.

And, even as a huge Mario fan, I still love "don't call a plumber!" to this day.

Of course, Japan has its fair share of commercials for their version, ranging from the bizarre...

...to the cute/funny...

...to... hmm, now that's strange. I was sure that there was a commercial for Rockman DASH 2, but I can't seem to find it anywhere. Does anyone know where it might lurk, or am I just imagining it?