Zero & Iris: Special Edition

Remember when George Lucas decided to gussy up all those old Star Wars movies with modern day polish, special effects, and new footage, effectively ruining them in the eyes of many fans? Well, this isn't quite as bad as all that, namely because the anime cutscenes in Mega Man X4 have nowhere to go but up.

But if you'll recall, during his interview with a Protodude, Zero's recent voice actor Lucas Gilbertson expressed his desire to redub the death scene of Iris from the early PlayStation title, much like what had been rumored to be included in the Mega Man X Collection. But he left us with the question: To do it seriously, or to do it humorously?

So what did he pick? Watch and find out.

So, did he go for serious, or humorous?

Seriously, please tell me. Thanks to the internet, I can't tell the difference anymore.

Anyway, great job, Lucas! May we be so lucky as to get this-- along with the rest of the speaking parts of the Mega Man X titles-- in such a fashion in the future. And don't let us stop you from doing more-- or that other version you spoke of. It would be quite awesome.

News Credit: Protodude's Rockman Corner