Updates on that boss contest

By now my predictions for the boss character contest have been pretty off, but as more details come in it's looking more like this is a boss character contest like none other before. According to our viewer Fireman, the deadline for the contest is indeed February 13th, and the winner will be announced April (in CoroCoro's May issue). For the requirements, entrants are asked to design and name their character, list what special moves he has, and any other features. Aside from this, there are no specifics about what type of character they want. However, a sample character created by EXE manga artist Ryo Takamisaki called Ghoston is demonstrated. The character reportedly looks like skeletal creature wrapped in ghost-like covering, with floating hands, a hat and its head is in its stomach. Pretty weird. As long as I've been following the Rockman boss contests, I've never seen one so open ended and having such a fast turn around time. It also appears this is the first time there's been a contest for a game we know nothing about (as we don't know what series it falls into, if any). We'll just have to see what happens.

Thanks again to Fireman for the tip.