Game Informer chit chats with Inafune

Online magazine Game Informer has an interview with the man, Keiji Inafune, up for reading, and he talks a little about Mega Man among other things. (Hey, if you got to meet George Lucas, would you not talk to him about Star Wars?) A bit of his discussion includes talk about reviving old franchises in a way that makes me hopeful.

As you say, it’s really about respecting the IP and then doing a remake that follows as an extension. Mega Man 9 is one of the games I would add to your list. We’d certainly like to continue doing more of those.

He also talks about the difficulties with Mega Man 3 that are now widely circulated.

The main thing [with Mega Man 3] is that we were forced to put something out that we weren’t planning on doing, and it was purely to fulfill the demands of the business side. So it’s fine to come out with projects if we discuss them with the business side and then decide to do it, but having something forced up is not good for the development teams and it’s not good in terms of the products that hit the users either. I try to avoid that.

Be sure to check out the full read.

News Credit: GoNintendo