Coro-Coro Update: Possible X Series/Battle Network Revival?

Protodude has gotten hold of a scan from the latest Coro-Coro, which seems to give some more info about the new Rockman contest in Japan. Heat Man, the site's translator, is in the middle of personal business right now and can't be reached for translation, but Protodude claims that she can make out details about a possible revival of an inactive Mega Man series.

2chでコロコロコミック2月号のフラゲ情報が公開されていました。 情報感謝です!

アシッドエースBB、グレイブジョーカーRRは 「こくないのだれか」で20回以上バトルした後、4分の1の確率で出るようです。

Σに関しては来月号で公開されるとのこと。 タイトル画面にヒントがあるとか。


ロックマンシリーズボスキャラコンテスト超催 早くもボスキャラコンテスト開催決定。 もちろんグランプリ作品はロックマンシリーズ次回作に登場だ。 WHFカプコンブースでもコンテスト情報があるぞ! 締め切りは2月13日、葉書に次回作への要望も書こう。

どのシリーズかは決まっていない模様。 つまり続編を出して欲しいシリーズのボスを送れば(ry


Again, Heat isn't around to translate this for us, but if Protodude is right... We could possible have a X9, Command Mission 2, or another Battle Network installment based on the characters in the picture (Legends doesn't look like it's getting any love, though the word "DASH" is in the text.) We'll keep you posted.

Source: Protodude's Rockman Corner: Coro Coro Contest Possibly Revealed, Readers Choose Series Revival

EDIT: [4:35 EST] As shown in the comments, the quote ran through Babelfish implied what Protodude originally said, but here's a more clear translation (Also passed along from Protodude)

“Here’s a preliminary translation of the Coro Coro character design contest courtesy of multiple people.

First and foremost the article does not outright say a series will be revived,however there is a possibility the contests pertains to a new installment in an older series. That said, Coro Coro will unveil the contest details February 13th. The judges for the contest will be Keiji Inafune, Capcom staff and editor of Coro Coro Comics.

First prize winners will have their character appear in a “new Rockman story” and receive oodles of Rockman goods. Second place winners will receive Rockman goods and a special Coro Coro item.”

Credit: Vixy, Thomas, Anonymous, Uncle Bob