Coro Coro Running New Boss Design Contest

For years, Capcom has invited the fans of Rockman to take part in the creative process of the franchise by hosting numerous contests for boss character designs. And as revealed by the new Coro Coro magazine, it seems that the tradition is set to continue.

According to COCOROG, the newest issue of Coro Coro Comics is hyping readers up for a brand new Boss design contest. Coro Coro's boss design contests have been a standard practice since the EXE series. Are they implying the coming of a fourth Shooting Star, or something new entirely?

What indeed could this new contest be destined for? The image, viewable at Protodude's Rockman Corner, depicts the manga version of the Ryuusei no Rockman version of our hero; does that tell it all, or is it simply a placeholder?

Edit: Protodude has updated, saying that the Rockman pic is unrelated to the contest itself, which pretty much leaves things a little more open to speculation.