Mega Man vs. Secret Agent Man

This clip has been making the rounds a bit lately, and I just wanted to give it a proper display here for those who might not have seen it. Mega Man has never had the strongest TV commercial presence here in North America. While magazine ads have been plentiful, and Japanese TV commercials, many of awe-inspiring quality, have accompanied just about every game in Japan, Capcom USA has never really promoted Mega Man's games too heavily on television. There was the god-awful "Blue Bomber" batch a few years back, and a really, really nice MegaMan Legends one for the PlayStation, but otherwise... nothing.

Well, almost nothing.

As it turns out, a meager handful of people had the opportunity to catch a rare commercial for none other than Mega Man 3, which takes a decidedly different tact from any other Mega Man commercial before (oh, wait, there probably weren't any before, except in Japan) or since. And you can find it here.

Very strange, but beats the blue hell out of "Blue! Blue! Blue! Blue!" any year of the century. Even without showing a single nanosecond of game footage.