What Happens if Wily Attacks with All 8 Robot Masters at Once

For as long as Mega Man has been around, there have been certain questions, certain bright ideas about how things are done. Things like "why not put those instant-kill spikes everywhere?" or "why not make a Robot Master completely out of Mettaur metal?" And while some of these topics have been tackled before in some form or fashion, one that has remained elusive is "why send one Robot Master at a time to fight Mega Man? Why not let them all attack at once?" And while I'm sure there are members of our community who can give logical, well thought-out answers to that question, let's face it: Those just aren't as much fun.

So, for the sake of argument, someone has managed to construct a battle of Mega Man vs. "METBUBBNEAANAASOMANKNANWOAOMAAIR." That is, Metal Man, Bubble Man, Heat Man, Flash Man, Quick Man, Crash Man, Wood Man, and Air Man-- the 8 Robot Masters from Mega Man 2, all at once.

You can see the epic struggle and its outcome here. As for the music, "qzecwx" says "I can't record sound directly from my speakers, so I just threw in what I found to be fitting music. It's from Kirby 64, so don't ask."

I hope this doesn't give away the ending, but let me just say "that's our Blue Bomber!" Of course, if it was any other set of Robot Masters, I imagine the outcome could very well be quite different. Nonetheless, that's one mystery solved.

Thanks to Lance, John, and Ryudo for bringing this up in the #megaman-network IRC channel.