Rumor: Nintendo Dream to Reveal New Rockman in February

This one's something of a rumor that goes around the block, so try to stick with me here. Allegedly, there has been a thread on 2ch recently which says that the latest issue of Nintendo Dream magazine promises that they will unveil a "secret" Rockman title in their February issue. You can find a slightly-blurry picture on Kombo, or at Protodude's Rockman Corner.

Allan "Nicol" Montenegro, friend of Mega Man Network member Rodrigo Shin (whom we thank for the tip), has attempted to translate the text in the image, and has come up with the following:

"Burning/hot/ardent battle" from the kana at the top ("atsuki BATORU") and that below it reads "The newest series! At long last the work (...)".

So, now there are questions, foremost of which being "is this on the up and up?" Heatman says he hasn't seen any Japanese blogs mention it, which is curious, but given that Rockman isn't exactly gangbusters over there at the moment, isn't entirely surprising, either. The other question is, could this perhaps be somehow related to the rumored "Scramble Battle" we heard of a year ago?

Hopefully, we will have our answers come February.