How Japan Saw Rockman 2

Just a little something of interest for you: mm2_print_ad_1989_jpn

This was apparently a Japanese magazine ad of some sort (going by the filename) for the 1989 Nintendo Famicom release of Rockman 2, and was scanned from the Feburary 1989 issue of "Beep: Magazine for Game Kids" published in Japan by Softbank Publishing," according to Carl's Blog at the Capcom*Unity.

It's a pretty wild look back, and really reminds me of a lot of the illustrations that we used to see in Nintendo Power, back when they were ironically attempting to emulate the Japanese video game magazine format. He's delivered a pretty savage beatdown on Wood Man, too, which I can respect, given he was the first MM2 Robot Master I beat, too. Just imagine what he'll do to Air Man.

News credit: Roto13, Protodude's Rockman Corner, and Carl's Capcom*Unity Blog