Mega Man Star Force 2 and Europe

I dunno how much of this is news and how much is editorializing, because when it comes to when Mega Man Star Force 2 is releasing in Europe, the answer is I'm not entirely sure. For some reason Capcom Europe often delays their portable titles, sometimes for months, only to then release them without warning. When I last checked, Capcom Europe's press site had Star Force 2 slated to release on October 31st, although the title had since been dropped from their upcoming lineup. However, a French member of our community came to me saying that October 31st passed and Star Force 2 was still not available in his country. Doing a little of my own research, it appears that Star Force to is releasing at different times across Europe, as opposed to a single multi-national release. Here's what I know for now. Germany and Switzerland: SF2 is already out, and release on Oct 31st as it was supposed to. France: SF2 is coming out the 14th of November, according to UK: SF2 is coming out the 28th of November, according to

If you're a resident of Europe, perhaps you can back up these release dates or report anything different local retailers might be telling you. Let us know if the game is available in your country. While I know localizations for these games take a bit of turnaround time, it is rather depressing that the third installment will be out in Japan before some Europeans even have access to the second.