Hitoshi Ariga Teases "Rockman Maniax"

Many fans have been excited to see manga writer/artist Hitoshi Ariga return to the Rockman franchise once again with his cover and interior manga preview for the Rockman 9 Arrange Album. And after the recent Inti Creates event to celebrate the launch of the album, Ariga was kind enough to let fans know that the Rockman 9 Megamix adaptation, aka Megamix 4, is progressing smoothly. In addition, the previous Megamix volumes are planned to be re-released, though there isn't word about Rockman Remix. What's more is that Ariga revealed that there are plans for a new publication known as "Rockman Maniax." The nature of this title is being kept hush-hush right now, but Ariga assures fans that more will be revealed on his official blog come December 17th, 2008-- Rockman's 21st birthday.

Now, we just have to hope that Udon is able to work out some sort of arrangement in order to bring all of these great manga to us in a language we can read!


Apparently, word has gotten out that the Maniax book will be a collection of Ariga's fanart from before he became the author of the Rockman Megamix and Remix manga. These had been shared in previous editions of the Megamix manga, but never as a single collected work. No word on if it will just be what's been seen in those volumes, or if there will be more content, though we can certainly hope.

News credit: Protodude's Rockman Corner