A Classic Hero is Ready to Unite to Fight FM Evil!

Something awesome this way comes, if you have MegaMan Star Force 2 and access to a Nintendo DS Download station, that is.

At participating stores, players will be able to BrotherBand with none other than the original Mega Man, aka "1stMegaMan," in all of his 8-bit glory. As befits a hero of his stature, he seems to carry with him a rather high link power. Additionally, you'll be able to acquire two special secret Battle Cards: "King Grand Ranger" and "Le Mu."

This marks three separate Mega Men that have appeared in Star Force, including the protagonists Geo and Mega. Could we see yet more in the future?

This promotion was available in Japan back in December for participants in the Wave Master tournament, and it's great to see Capcom bring it Stateside. Here's hoping that this won't be the last.

Now, the only problem is locating a participating download station.

News credit: GoNintendo via Protodude's Rockman Corner