Rockman News from TGS: SSR3, Inafune Talks Rm9, DASH 3

Not a lot of particular interest came out of the 2008 Tokyo Game Show where Mega Man, or as the hometown calls him, Rockman is concerned. However, the man behind the Man did show up for a special appearance on Friday to talk about a few things regarding the franchise. Regarding Rockman 9, he noted that the game was a "gift" to those who had supported Rockman throughout his twenty-year run. The developers found the creative process to be daunting, but were ultimately able to persevere. And now that the title has been released, Inafune is satisfied with how the sales have been. He also spoke of the Blue Bomber's "charm" which persists through other types of merchandise, such as t-shirts and soundtracks.

On a related note, Inafune told of his great respect for Rockman's older brother, Blues, and that is why he is playable in Rockman 9. Furthermore, he told of his desire to create even more rivals.

Joining Inafune on stage was Ryuusei no Rockman/MegaMan Star Force series Producer Takeshi Horinouchi, who went on to tell how he targeted the young boys demographic for lasting appeal. Through this, it seems he wishes to keep creating a new chapter each year, so as to "reflect the players growth with the game's characters." He also touched on Rockman's new design, made as an effort to reflect the player's actual growth.

From there, he discussed other items of note surrounding the third game in the series, such as the "Noise Modification Gear," which allows players to "create" their own Rockman, and promotions including the comedic duo, "The Bearded Barons" boy band, "Kick Chop Busters," and an animated commercial.

Finally, now that a ninth Rockman title is out of the way, Inafune closed things by discussing what we all want to know about: Rockman DASH 3. He reaffirmed his desire to create the title, and is aware of the many fans who wish for the series' return. It is for this that he encourages fans to continue to support the title, so that he may hopefully one day be able to produce it. The success of Rockman 9 helps to further make the dream a reality, but Inafune still needs our support.

News Credit: Dengeki Online and Gpara via Protodude's Rockman Corner