Star Force 3 characters revealed, and more

moonguyThe cards are finally falling into place for Mega Man Star Force 3 (haha). The info in the latest CoroCoro Comic reveals an enemy organization is once again pulling the strings. This time it's a group called Dealer, which is headed up by a genius scientist named Mister King, who hides behind his reputation as the founder of the King Foundation. His underlings are the siblings Jack and Quintia. Jack is said to be a cruel and violent boy who will not open up to anyone other than his sister Quintia. Quintia, on the other hand, has a calm, adult-like demeanor, and is committing crimes with her brother for a certain purpose. Jack is accompanied with the Wizard Corvus, becoming Jack Corvus (a fire type), while Quintia has Virgo, and transforms into Queen Virgo (a water type).

The boss contest winner was also revealed, bringing about the new character Moon Disaster. This moon-themed character loves getting attention with song.

As far as new game details go, we have a breakdown of what versions will have what transformations.

In the Black Ace version:

Libra Noise - no element (weakness is Break) Fire, water +10 Neutral cards replenish HP by 5% Charge shot is Side Spread NFB is Meteorite Barrage

Corvus Noise - fire element (weakness is water) Fire +30 No effects from poison panels, HP bugs or black holes Charge shot is Shocking Flare NFB is Atomic Blazer

Cancer Noise - water element (weakness is elec) Water +30 Water attacks have bubble wrap effect Charge shot is Bubble Shoot NFB is Dynamic Wave

Gemini Noise - elec element (weakness is wood) Tag function (makes it easier to select specific cards in a line) Elec +30 Sword attacks have paralysis effect Charge shot is Rocket Knuckle NFB is Thunderbolt Blade

Ophiuca Noise - wood element (weakness is fire) Wood +20 Neutral attacks have confusion effect Nulls confusion and blind status Charge shot is Green Shot NFB is Elemental Cyclone

In the Red Joker version:

Cygnus Noise - neutral element (weakness is sword) Air Shoes, Float Shoes Neutral attacks +10 Wind attacks +30 Charge shot is Feather Vulcan NFB is Meteorite Barrage

Taurus Noise - fire element (weakness is water) Super Armor Fire +50 Break type cards have auto lockon Charge shot is Heat Cannon NFB is Atomic Blazer

Virgo Noise - water element (weakness is elec) Nulls freeze and bubble status Water +30 Charge shot is Aqua Wave NFB is Dynamic Wave

Crown Noise - elec element (weakness is wood) Uses summons card in first turn Elec +20 Neutral attacks given blind effect Charge shot is Plasma Shot NFB is Thunderbolt Blade

Wolf Noise - wood element (weakness is fire) Quick Gauge Sword +30 Wood +10 Wood attacks have auto lockon Charge shot is Shock Claw NFB is Elemental Cyclone

What's more, there's also a Merge Out feature. Like the Double Tribe ability in the previous title, you can combine Noise transformations with those in your brother cards. This makes up to 90 transformations possible (sheesh). An example given is Taurus x Virgo, which boosts fire and water attacks, and has Super Armor as well nulling bubble status.

You can also get rival noise cards by defeating opponents in linked battle. These work like brother cards, letting you use your opponent's cards and transformations.

Finally, the game will have a chat feature that lets you talk with your friends. It's unknown if this feature is wireless and wifi or wireless only.

Images (from 2ch): Merge Out Rival Noise Quintia Mister King and Jack Moon Disaster

Lotsa info credit: COCOROG