Random Proposes a Mega Man 9 EP

Remember last December when we interviewed hip-hop artist Random and got the scoop on his Mega Man-themed release aptly titled MegaRan? (Psst, if you don't remember, click the links and nod). Well, I just recieved word that Random up for the Online Hip Hop Awards for the Artist to Watch Award (Hip-Hop/R&B), and has made a musical proposition we should take him up on. If he receives enough nominations, he tells me he'll record a Mega Man 9 EP and release it for free. And who wants to turn down free Mega Man music? Hop on over to the source and do a quick register to add nominations to Random's account. He sent me a message around 24 hours ago saying he was 80 votes away; with our help we can push him over the edge and get some sweet Mega Man 9 remixes.

Source: Help Random win the Artist to Watch Award (Hip-Hop/R&B)

EDIT: Forgot to mention you can vote again a day after you voted, so vote as much as possible!