Proto Man: The Robot Without a Story

Good news and bad news, folks! The good news is that Capcom has announced that today will be the day for the first batch of Mega Man 9 DLC

Hey Mega Man junkies,

We’re proud to announce that the first of the Downloadable Content packs for Mega Man 9 will be available this week. Here’s the run down on what’s coming out.

Endless Attack – Test your skills on a stage without end. Try to break the record for getting the farthest. Results will be displayed in the Rankings page. Not compatible with other Challenges.

Proto Man Mode - Play the game as Proto Man. Some of Proto Man's abilities may differ from Mega Man's. Proto Man has the Charge Shot ability, Power Slide ability, and a shield that he can utilize to deflect bullets at enemies. However, Proto Man also takes double damage and has double bounce back when he is hit.

Those two sound pretty cool. Wonder what sort of stage design an endless stage might have.

Then, there's the bad news.

There is no story for Proto Man and he is not compatible with Rankings or Challenges.

Both DLC packs are available now on WiiWare Channel today (October 6 th, 2008) with XBLA following on October 7 th, and PSN releasing October 9 th.

Tim and the Capcom PR team

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Italicized and bolded what is meant by "bad news." Rumor had it that Proto Man would have his own story, and until now, they hadn't really let us down. How regretful. Now Tabby will have to write her own happy ending for the Blues Bomber.