Born for Wii: MegaMan Legends

There is no small number of Mega Man fans who would like to see Capcom revive its groundbreaking (for the Mega Man franchise, anyway) Legends series. However, it seems that there simply are not enough people (yet) to persuade them to greenlight a sequel, even with an engine already made and waiting for the title to come. That, or Capcom's just letting us stew and waiting for the anticipation to reach a fever pitch before going ahead with it. In any case, one such person who would love to see Legends reborn is Wesley Fenlon of Nintendo Wii Fanboy, and to show his desire, he has written a three-page article detailing the series, and why he thinks that the Wii is a perfect fit for the title (even though the aforementioned engine was made for 360/PS3 games).

The third page even details how he would map the controls (I personally would change a few things, most notably making A jump and B fire the Mega Buster). Of course, alternate controller options (GameCube, Classic) would no doubt be welcome. In addition, he also throws in his support for the idea of a new Legends title using cel-shading.

Give it a read, and tell us your thoughts in our comments.

News credit: Protodude's Rockman Corner