Screw Attack Covers MM9, Other Sites' Review Scores has a new program on their website, known as "Out of the Box," and on the second episode, Daily Destin and Stuttering Craig (with Maxifent Corey on the sidelines) check out the newly released WiiWare title Mega Man 9. If you like the ScrewAttack gang, then it may be worth checking out for you, though what I've watched so far seems a little drier than normal for their offerings. However, Craig's enthusiasm for the game is great, which makes watching the video a bit more fun overall. In addition, if you're curious what other websites are thinking of Mega Man 9, Capcom*Unity blogger Snow has collected a few review scores from IGN, 1up, Team Xbox, and GamesRadar, along with a few excerpts. And if you want even more, there are more listings for the WiiWare version at Game Rankings, where the average score is 86%.