Mega Man 9 Nintendo Release?

mega_man_9_press_kits_front ...Nah, I'm just pulling your leg. Basically when Capcom came up with the "Box Art" pic from a while ago, they were going with mindset of promoting this game as if it were from 1987 and with it, came an idea to make a NES Package consisting of said hideous boxart, a completely goofy game description on the back and a NES Cart to boot!

However, before you start digging through the back of your closet to bring out I should warn you that's not a real NES Cart, but instead it's a split open case for a CD containing artwork, game information and screenshots.


Capcom is considering selling a limited quantity (about 200) at the Capcom Store, possibly with a XBLA or PSN game voucher and are urging fans to comment if their interested in it.

...So what are you waiting for, DO IT!