Red Joker Blows Stuff Up

While we've been slobbering over Mega Man 9, Capcom silently updated about their other project, Star Force 3. In the main points of this update, Capcom explains in greater details how Noise Change works. Up to 50%, you are able to "Form Out." This gives you the abilities of the Noise Change; in the case of Taurus Noise you get Super Armor and +50 to fire attacks. When you go beyond 50% Noise, you can Color Out as well. This gives you not only the forms abilities, but weapons also (Heat Cannon and Atomic Blazer for Taurus). Once you reach 200%, of course, you can finalize with the super form.

Speaking of finalizing, Capcom also introduces Red Joker formally. It's the ultimate transformation comparative to Black Ace. Its Noise Force Big Bang attack is the Red Gaia Eraser which, as you can see, blows the crap out of everything.

redjokerasplode Did Metenna and Cannon really deserve all that?