Mega Man 9 Bosses - More Art

bosses_1_bigbosses_2_big ... Come on. Do we REALLY have to say anything about this? Click and look. It's boss art from the Rockman 9 OST booklet.

Update: Here's what's written about the newly revealed robot masters:

DRN.067: Splash Woman A robot who performs rescue work in situations such as sinking ships and people in oceans. Her special weapon is the Laser Trident. It fires a laser that has penetration ability.

DRN.068: Plug Man A line inspection robot at a television set factory. He carries out the final check on the products with a sharp eye. His special weapon is the Plug Ball. It fires a plasma ball that runs along the ground.

DRN.069: Jewel Man A robot that works in a diamond mine. He is in charge of polishing work with his skilled fingers. His special weapon is the Jewel Satellite. It protects the body with rotating diamonds.

DRN.070: Hornet Man A robot who managaes a flower theme park. He possesses knowledge pertaining to flowers from around the world. His special weapon is the Hornet Chaser. It fires a bee-like device the pursues its targets.

DRN.072: Galaxy Man An assisstant robot at a space laboratory. He has a brain that can instantly perform calculations of rocket trajectories. His weapon is the Black Hole Bomb. It creates a black hole that sucks up projectiles and enemies.

Source: Siliconera - Rockman 9 Original Soundtrack includes staff comments, boss gallery