Mega Man 9 Rumors

With Mega Man 9 soon to release, it's surprising that rumors are still surfacing. However, Protodude has posted some tidbits from a source calling himself SSJ4, who claims that he has played through the final version of the game, and his information is pretty convincing. Downloadable Content "-DLC is intact for all three versions (Wii,XBLA,PSN).

-Access to DLC is on the Boss Select screen, bottom right corner.

-Capcom plans to upload new content every so often. Possibility DLC won't be available until two to three weeks after the game releases. (speaking of the game's release, Wii users can look forward towards the 22nd of this month...although they've discussed delaying it till the following week due to a BIG Virtual Console title that might take the attention away from RM9)

+Blues: Yes, Blues is playable. Has his own set of moves/attacks. (Actually, he kinda sucks. Controls to loosely.)

Miscellaneous: -RM9 was developed on Wii hardware, exclusive to Wii in Japan. XBLA Achievement are Capcom USA's doing. Not worth your time.

-RM9 was concieved as a brand new series, started out as a pet project at Inti.

-I've been told Capcom was fiddling around with two Rockman Wii titles prior to RM9's development, both have been shelved. Hiatus. (Scramble Battle?)

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