Mega Man 9 Contest Update

Greetings everyone. We've certainly received a lot of entries for our contest to win Mega Man 9 on the Wii, but there's still time to receive a lot more. Remember, the contest ends Sunday night, the 14th, and we'll be announcing the winners the following Monday. Possibly just a week before MM9 comes out! Nevertheless, I must report on a flaw I discovered. I'd been surprised at the number of people putting the same wrong answer for question 15 since the start of the contest, concerning the number of challenges in Mega Man Powered Up. Eventually realizing I should check our MMPU page, I discovered it only lists 90 of the 100 challenges. What can I say, that page was made before I even started working here! I'm pretty sure it's Tim's fault. Nevertheless it is my oversight as well, so I'll have to void this question. Consequently, I think answers to question 20 will count more now. You're not gonna get by with a freebie!

Again, there's still time to enter. If you're a Wii owner and are dying to get Mega Man 9, give it a shot! You could win!