Mega Man fighting game featured in 90210

In what might be the most horrendous looking attempt at promoting the Mega Man intellectual property since the green Mega Man from Captain N, a completely fictitious Xbox 360 Mega Man fighting game was featured in the series premiere of 90210. The game features a hairless Zero and a faceless ElecGround Style, duking it out in a level that seems to be a picture of a pagoda. Check out Kotaku's article (and video!) of the fighting game clip and witness the horror of what seems to be a flash animation gone wrong.

In case you don't want to spend time watching anything related to a teen soap drama, here's one clear screenshot, taken from the episode. mmfighter_zero_elecground Let's hope Capcom is aware of this.

In closing, all that can be said is this: "Sweet dude! You ate my head!"

Sources: Kotaku; Capcom Unity