Mega Man 9 Articles in Nintendo Power, Playstation Magazine

The new issues of Nintendo Power and Playstation: The Official Magazine have hit the stands and with them come articles about Mega Man 9, with Nintendo Power having a full 2 pages in the form of an interview with the game's Producer, Hironobu Takeshita. While nothing new is explained in the interview, it does tell a few tidbits that stem from the game's development such as the bosses being initially too detailed and animation intensive for Keiji Inafune's liking (he had been stressing 'keeping it simple' repeatedly) and that the game's alleged difficulty (NP feels the game is harder than any of the NES releases but is immensely fun to play) comes from the nuances of the level design. The interview also mentions that during development the 8 Robot Master stages were made first, followed by the boss designs and Inafune specifically wanting a female as one of them along with NP asking if Proto Man will be playable, to which Takeshita doesn't give a yes or no answer to.

Other notable things include Takeshita being asked about his experiences as a gamer with Mega Man, to which he replies that as a kid he played the hell out of Mega Man 5 and constantly had trouble with a specific boss. I'm gonna wager a guess and say it was Gyro Man >_>

As for the Playstation Magazine article, it's more or less a shout out to readers that the game is coming, why it's coming and why it's important. The staff sound very excited for the game, and like the rest of us cannot wait for it to be released.