Capcom Revisits '90s Mega Man Cartoon

A very special post was made by Kramez over at the Capcom*Unity today that may be pleasing to some of the longer-running Mega Man fans among our ranks. Within, he links to a "From Pixels to Plastic" video by Mandalorian32 which looks back at the toys made by Bandai of America as a tie-in with the Ruby-Spears Mega Man animated series, as well as those of Jazwares and the Bandai of Japan Rockman model kits. He seems to have quite the collection of other video game figures and toys as well, including Mario, Street Fighter, Pokemon, Animal Crossing, and more. But, being a "Mega Man News" post, this needs something more than just a fan's video to keep it out of the Community section, and as luck would have it, Kramez enlightens us to some of his involvement with the RS Mega Man cartoon. For one thing, he was involved in the script approvals for not only that cartoon, but Street Fighter and Darkstalkers as well. Wow, he's been around awhile. I'll need to ask him about the "Curse of the Lion Men" episode and how that ever got by sometime.

Further, he also reveals the origin of the anthem which fans still sing to this day when discussing the Blue Bomber:

"The simplistic theme song ("Super fighting robots! Mega Man!" repeatedly over and over) was picked because the Power Rangers had broken big about the same time the Mega Man cartoon launched and the producers wanted to feed off the success of that show -- including the brain-dead "Go go, Power Rangers!" theme -- as much as possible."

Neverminding my opinion of the Power Rangers theme, it's interesting to find out the Mega Man theme song's origins were tied to it. I wonder if Bandai offered any input into that, given they produced the toylines for both Mega Man, and to this day, Power Rangers. Then again, they never seemed to use those themes in the commercials, so who can say?

...and now you know the rest of the story!