The Taste of Energy

You may remember the announcement of Capcom selling promotional E-Tank energy drinks, but chances are you haven't sipped from this cylindrical, aluminum gauntlet. Or seen what the stuff actually looks like. Fear not, as +D Games woos your curiosity with its report on the product. Interestingly enough, the drink is clear as water. But what about the taste? The reviewer states its flavor and ingredients are typical to that of any other sports drink, though it has a strong aftertaste of royal honey - the drinks primary flavoring constituent. Nevertheless, he felt that the beverage does deliver a spot of energy for those laggy days at work or right after giving your all in sport. I'd considered trying to pick some of these up for our Mega Man 9 contest, but the means to get them probably would have not been timely enough for the contest's scope. Furthermore, after reading up on royal jelly I'm not so sure I want to try it now.

News Credit: GoNintendo, Tiny Cartridge