MMN Reset: Mega Man 8 (Saturn/PlayStation)

It's finally here! The Mega Man Network presents: MMN Reset: Mega Man 8. You can check it out on YouTube, or at the top of our front page this week. As for a GameTrailers version, we've been experiencing some troubles with getting things to upload since about Mega Man 2 or 3-- if you're familiar with GT, give us a shout and maybe we can figure out where we're going wrong. Mega Man 8 is without a doubt the most unique entry in the numbered series, and so had much to talk about... everyone pity and applaud Heat Man for the editing job he had to do on my ramblings to make it fit into YouTube's time allocation.

We hope you've enjoyed our Mega Man countdownup to the release of Mega Man 9. It's been a long journey, and it's now September, and we still don't know when exactly Mega Man 9 is coming out (rumors point to the Xbox version coming on the 24th, and it follows that the others would be released accordingly around that if true), so we're going to keep on going with MMN Reset-- expect Rockman & Forte, aka Mega Man & Bass, aka "Pretender to the Throne of Mega Man 9" to be along shortly, and maybe we will still get to fit a little more Classic fun in before the site goes into hibernation as a result of us all finding out what Wily is up to on WiiWare, Xbox Live Arcade, and PlayStation Network.

...just kidding. We might take a day or two off, but we should have some coverage of the game along in short order.

As for MMN Reset, the staff here at The Mega Man Network has had a good time creating these, so you can expect them to continue... just with a little more lenient a schedule.

Finally, we just want to thank Seth Killian and Capcom for their support, and for bringing the idea to us and allowing us to use the assets you've seen in our site themes and videos these past eight weeks.

Now play, Mega Man Network! For everlasting fun! Lord, someone's going to kill me for that one by tonight, just you watch.