MM9 Arrange Album details

You're dying to hear the Mega Man 9 soundtrack, we know. It's just a couple more weeks. However we have to tease you a bit more for the time being, with details on the Mega Man 9 Arrange Soundtrack releasing in Japan in October. Produced by Ippo Yamada of Mega Man Zero and Mega Man ZX fame, this album will contain 23 tracks of arranged music from Mega Man 9. But what's more, some faces from days long ago will be taking part in the arranging: -Manami Matsumae, AKA CHANCHACORIN MANAMI (MM1, MM2) -Yasuaki Fujita, AKA BUNBUN (MM3, MM4) -Makoto Tomozawa (MM7, MMX, MMX3, MML) -Shuusaku Uchiyama (MM8) -Akari Groves (MM&B, MMBN, MMBN5)

Also, the following guest artists will be participating:

-Tsutomu Kurihara on guitar (EUROX, E.G.Q., Lu7) -Luna Umegaki on keyboard (Lu7) -Toshiki Horisawa on guitar (THE SURGERY, E.G.Q., AIRCATSLE) -Masahiro Gotou on drums (Ningenisu, Gerald, Zunoukeisatsu)

But that can't be all. The album includes a 24 page full color booklet, in which includes a 16 page all new Rockman Megamix manga by Hitoshi Ariga, who's making the album art as well.

You know you want to get this.