Fan-Created Wallpaper Section!

Just wanted to let you know, if you have a Mega Man wallpaper for computer desktops which you've created, then we now have a place for it! Basically, this section differs from our official wallpaper section in that this one is, obviously, for any wallpaper that's not ripped right off of Capcom's servers. That isn't to say you can't use official art, but it needs to be modified in some way, cropped or edited to fit a desktop or to be part of a collage or whatever. But fanart creations made into wallpaper are fine, too.

Just send it to the same place as the Weekly Gift Art and other Fan Art submissions. We might wind up changing it in the near future, depending on what Heatman might have planned, but for now, this is the current setup.

And be sure to check out our first submission from Bergasa, formatted for both widescreen monitors and standard fullscreen. If you like "modern retro" titles such as Pac-man Championship Edition, Geometry Wars, or the newly-released Galaga Legions, then this might just be the wallpaper for you!